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Myth Real Makeup

MythReal MakeupOnce upon a time ... Who has not heard this phrase immortalized by the fairy tales? Ancient stories told to children to alert them about the dangers of the world, entertain them and control them. Tales of creatures that carried away the rude and unruly children, a love story which called for the innocence and benevolence of the "princesses." The tale is nonetheless a way of educating children. But what about adults? What is their relationship with the stories? We live surrounded by myths and superstitions, witches, creatures of folklore, Friday 13th, Black Cat and others.
The philosophy defines myth as fabulous creation of the human mind. I philosophically define myth as a real makeup. The myth can be positive, as the fables that is used to expose a child lives, or negative when it conceals a truth, blinding people about something important. The illusion and myth as a negative because separating the individual acts of reason and criticism, sometimes even letting him complacent and lazy on a problem situation. The person may be waiting to get something fabulous (a miracle), and yet no longer his own master.
The myth can also be used as a way of oppression, a clear example of this is what made the church with its holy Inquisition burning supposed witches, oppressing other religious currents, accusing intellectuals of heretics and selling "passes" to heaven. Hitler used a myth about the supremacy of the Aryan race and could reach the pinnacle of Nazism. The Nazi propaganda society brought an illusion, just a social myth, with its viewers that strongly believed in the supremacy of races. The other was sidelined, advertisements against Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and foreigners dominated the minds of many people at the time. And we know that today there are people who live by the Nazi philosophy.The media today is a way to expose us to new myths. Standard overwhelming beauty, fashion, music and even food. The typical commercial margarine with "perfect" family, advertisements for children and adults that result in the rampant consumerism. They follow the old philosophy of bread and circuses, as long as there is food and fun people will not bother with social problems. They make films to mask the crisis. Remember the creation of Captain America in time of war to mask the situation and seek new patriots in the fight against the Nazi enemy.There are also cases of people who enter a state of psychosis is thought to be characters in the media and end up committing atrocities.The myth makes a man believe. In addition to the term psychosomatic resort, where the influence of the mind manipulates the body. There are reports of people who were cured by simply believing in a cure. Faith can induce the body to produce substances and hormones would be, the pleasure that the faithful feel their services during this show, that happiness is the body's reaction before faith.There are diseases of psychosomatic origin, where the person believes to be sick (as in hypochondriasis) and this reflects in your body causing it to suffer the effects of this disease. The mind has great power over the body, a major force that is known is faith. Inside the human being assigns character costumes for things completely out of reason. By faith, for what you believe, people kill, steal, commit the worst crimes, mutilate, save lives, fight and resist. The Nazis committed atrocities and massacres because they believed it was right, it was faith that made them admired Hitler as a god. Moved by faith that people engaged in religious massacres. Terrorist groups like Al Kaeda is based on faith when they commit terrorist acts. Muslims condemn stoning adulterers and homosexuals Catholics based on scripture. Faith remains a major force within the human mind, tonando people capable of anything, however it is degenerate. Faith is inseparable from the myth, because it is based to exist. Marx defined religion as the opium of the people, causing oppression and separation of classes. And so the myth is an opiate (drug) that can cause hallucinations and induce a belief in the biggest absurdities. The myth is not rational, although it seeks to build a rational basis.The conflict of reason and religion follows us throughout human history. There will always be clear differences between science and religion. There will always be taboo to be discussed. Much of what people have in the holy scriptures as truth is completely opposite of what science says. In this conflict religion always ends up winning, because the myth overrules reason. The reason seeks to cure by science, religion, against faith healing. The science explains faith healing within the psychosomatic. Religion explains the divine faith. This meeting point between myth and reality is a milestone in the life of social man. We may never come into agreement.With all this, we saw some faces of myth within society. Whether in fairy tales, the media or in the myths of religion there. It can be positive or negative, belongs to the culture because it is creating the human mind. Build faith and is able to manipulate the human mind. I hope that reading was enjoyable and that you the reader to seek more information, do not believe everything you propose is more critical to avoid being a victim of myths. Review your concepts. What do you believe?? I leave one more question, what good is a political myth?

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